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Emma Simms


Emma has over 13 years in the fitness industry but many more years as a competitive athlete. Majority of these were representing Australia in Judo, winning an Australian Title in 2004. 

For the last 8 years, Emma has competed in CrossFit, finishing in the top 96th-98th percentile Worldwide from 2016 onwards. 


Emma is food driven and results driven. She takes a minimalist approach to training and nutrition. The ‘less is more’ style suits her perfectly as she tries to balance work, study and a 3 year old. 

Emma eats natural whole foods, all cooked from scratch. A meat based paleo style if you want to put a label on it.


Emma has been toying with food and lifestyle hacks for the past decade and found that through clean nutrition and sleep hacks, she was able to grow as an athlete without countless hours of training. She does the bare minimum to maintain all year round fitness and strength, and only picks up the pace in preparation for a competition.

Her weekly training consists of 2x Stronger classes, 2x 30min tempo cardio sessions and 1x Olympic Lifting session. She takes her rest days seriously, always scheduling in two a week. 


Soon to be Nutritionist, Emma programs and coaches the fitness based classes at Stronger.

She lives and breathes nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits so her ‘out of work enjoyment’ doesn’t stray far from this. She enjoys a regular bed time, getting vitamin D from the sun, cooking, designing nutrition plans, writing programs then watching people suffer through it ... and, if we’re being completely honest, she also loves a good movie with cheap laughs and a tub of Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies ice cream. She’s learned the hard way that her body can’t handle too much of a good thing so she’s narrowed it down to this specific combo. 


Emma thrives off routine and balance and this is exactly how she programs nutrition and training plans. 

Come and see her if you'd like to find balance in your life and how to get your eating on the right track so you can feel your ultimate self.

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