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Joshua Sharp


Between coaching, farming, running a gym, training and working his day job as a teacher’s aid you could say Josh has a pretty hectic schedule. But thats exactly how he likes it. 


Josh’s true passion is health, optimising performance and helping others enhance theirs lives through improved health. 

He loves to explore any and every method of diet, wellness and training style out there. This is how he builds a broad knowledge; which he uses to achieve peak health and performance for himself and his clients. He knows there isn’t one specific ‘hack’ for better health. But that we should use every tool available to us and take a wholistic approach to your health and sports performance goals.


From Josh’s teenage years till his early 20’s he worked heavily in rail and road construction, this is where he built his love for hard work. But at the age of 21 he had soon realised a life of working 60 hour weeks doing meaningless work and partying on the weekend was not the life for him. This is when his passion for health and fitness began. For the next 6 years Josh studied, trained, competed in crossfit competitions and continued working casually in construction. When presented with a new opportunity to leave construction and work in a school helping disadvantaged young people Josh knew instantly this was much more aligned with the work he wanted to do and hasn’t looked back.


Recently when the opportunity to buy an existing small gym in his home town presented itself, Josh knew this was his chance to build the gym he had always dreamt of. Now 18 months later Stronger is a fully formed Strength and Conditioning gym (but if you asked him he'd tell you theres still plenty more to do). Always growing his skillset and improving the space to provide the best facility and services possible is his ultimate goal. Stronger has continued to evolve ever since he founded it just over a year ago.

Josh is passionate about showing the world that strength training is necessary for all ages and that ultimate health is about the long game. Which he hopes to prove through his pursuit of being the healthiest 100 year old that's ever lived.

Come and see him if you'd like to reach your potential now, and into the future.

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